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Jürgen Waidele & Friends
feat."wonderful" Elysa Key

Arno Haas, saxes
Peter Keller, bass
Alex Friedrich, drums
Jürgen Waidele, keyboards, vocal
Rainer Apel, gitarre
Elisa Kay , vocal

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Alexander Friedrich


Waidele’s Friends Quintet

Jürgen Waidele, singer and keyboarder from Lake Constance, at Germany’s most beautiful location, is the musical motor of this unique band. Waidele has been playing the organ and piano since a small boy and turned to jazz and soul in the Seventies. Inspired by the scat singing of Al Jarreau und Bobby McFerrin, he became the most exciting singer in southern Germany. The press acclaimed him to be the “Al Jarreau from the Lake“. He uses his voice like an instrument while playing on one or more keyboards at the same time creating new, intriguing sounds. He thus takes the listeners on a musical voyage into a new sphere – that’s soul!
Alexander Friedrich on drums and Peter Keller on Bass lay down the groove for Jürgen’s musical excursions and attentively follow his improvisational outbreaks. Arno Haas on Saxofon and Rainer Apel on the guitar are so brilliant, that they seem to be not from this world.

At a wink of the “master’s eye”, they push the music higher and higher onto levels of entrancement in which the audience is completely submerged.
Waidele calls this musik`Soul-Jazz` Songs with good lyrics are the solid foundation for unusual groove-soundbeds. Depending on the solists and the mood anything can happen – that’s live after all: handmade and honest, here and now, unique and unreproducible. Those who have heard Waidele and his dreamband know: in this music there are no boarderlines...

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